Our aim at Eco Cornwall is to deliver a quality scheme at an affordable price to enable a broad spectrum of businesses to be recognised for their  achievements in implementing environmental benefits, increasing bio diversity and protecting resources across Cornwall. 

At Eco Cornwall we encourage smaller and often high quality businesses to join an inspection scheme that highlights the best of Cornish businesses and their commitment to a sustainable world. The award will give their customers confidence and increase their marketing opportunities in a competitive world.

We have many years of experience of running The Green Acorn Scheme, a BS8900 accredited environmental scheme approved by Visit Cornwall Cornwall’s Official Tourist Board and this experience allows us to deliver a quality scheme relevant to the environmental challenges in today’s world.

The Eco Cornwall accreditation recognises and encourages businesses to implement and deliver environmental benefits to protect our planet’s resources and reduce their carbon footprint. Cornwall is a beautiful and diverse county and we aim to protect and improve its environment for our residents, visitors, our customers and future generations by working with businesses across Cornwall to deliver lasting sustainable benefits. We want Cornwall to lead the way across the UK in improving the use of environmental resources and protecting our planet, county wide, across a wide spectrum of businesses. It’s a challenging target – but a very achievable target, as the efforts of individual businesses are magnified across the county.

Be inspired to work together to make Cornwall a sustainable county.