What are the benefits to your business:

  1. Attract customers who prefer an eco friendly supplier.
  2. Publicity – displaying the Eco Cornwall logo highlights to your customers that you consider the environment a priority in your business activities.
  3. By joining a scheme it makes you focus on your existing green credentials and strive to improve these year on year – cutting waste and reducing pollution.
  4. Support your business image and advertising by making customers aware that your business is committed to lessening its impact on the environment.
  5. Be part of a large number of businesses who are inspired to protect the environment.
  6. Highlight cost savings within the business by focussing on use of resources.
  7. Conserve resources and reduce pollution.
  8. Support the Cornish economy by cutting carbon miles by sourcing locally.
  9. Improve business efficiency by working with your staff to reduce consumption, re-use and recycle.
  10. Inclusion on the members list on the Eco Cornwall website.
  11. Qualified support and advice for members on sustainable matters.
  12. Eco Cornwall is open to any business who fulfils the  Eco Cornwall criteria.

Which businesses are eligible for the Eco Cornwall accreditation?


Any business that meets the criteria can apply for Eco Cornwall accreditation – we can assess any business that is delivering environmental benefits and who is aspiring to improve their green credentials. To deliver county wide benefits we encourage a diverse range of businesses to apply. The following are examples but we welcome everyone.

Businesses examples could include:

  1. Cornwall based service providers.
  2. Accommodation providers including B & B, self catering, guest houses, hotels, camping & touring parks, agencies.
  3. Artisan Cornish industries
  4. Farms
  5. Cornish based manufacturing